little bones.

Today’s post is brought to you by little bones. and Shoenique  *starts humming the Sesame Street tune*

little bones. has a store group but to you need to pay 100L$ to join… As well as the current group gift, Timebomb, there are some older gifts and these can be found at the back of the store. There is also a little box of hair on the shelving unit opposite the old group gifts, which has the individual colours of the same hair (Alabi), for 55L$.
At the front of the store on the left hand side of the pillar (behind the counter) is a free wearable colour demo (Cosmic) which comes with all the colour huds. You see it on my personal blog here.

The group gifts are:

little bones
L – Apple ; C – Barbarelle ; R – Gardenhead

little bones 2
L – I Get Around ; C – Les Garcons ; R – Timebomb

The cheapie:

little bones 3

The  Cassie dress is from Shoenique and be found for 60L$ in the sales room at the top of the stairs in their store. It is one of 4 items out for 60L$ Weekends, and another version of the dress can be brought for 55L$ (to the left).

Other Items
Skin | [theSkinnery] | Chloe 14 (milk) DB CL1
Make-up | Sn@tch | Underworld Makeup (Blood Lips)
Tattoo | Para Designs | Cherry Blossom Black
Piercing | Plastik | Krysis Lipring://Bastille- Deep


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