Buying skins on a budget

Back when I first started blogging over on my own blog, I did 2 posts on skins (here, here, here & here), but these were the really expensive. high quality skins of the day.

One of the posts that I have always meant to do for my original FoaB mini-series, and over on this blog, ws about the free/cheap but good/high quality skins available. So, since I have had more time on my hands due to rl sickness (stinking cold!) and week’s holiday from a rl job,  I have picked up a few really nice skins to show you.

1. A freebie (Emmy) and a group gift (Charmed) from flounce. (It appears that this store is an offshoot of Cupcakes).
The group is free to join and the gift is still in notices. The free gift is the bag on the counter at the store’s entrance.

Charmed comes in the caramel tone and with 4 different brow options (black, brown, blonde & red):

Flounce - Charmed

Emmy comes in the rose tone and also has 4 brow options (black, brown, blonde & red):

Flounce - Emmy

2. Three dollaries from Mother Goose’s. These can be found on the counter near the lucky boards.


Mother Gooses - Sia


Mother Gooses - Cordelia


Mother Gooses - Suzanne

3. A marketplace dollarbie and a group gift from 7 Deadly s{K}ins.
Group has a join fee of 25L$ until 31.05.13 and from it will go up to 50L$ (fee will continue to go up until it is 250L$, so the quicker you join, the less you’ll pay!)

7 Deadl7 s[K]ins

Other items
Hair | Catwa | Hebe – Night
Lingerie | DCNY | Cotton Lingerie – Vintage Flower Field  120L$  NEW
Pose | Exposeur | Singles Special 30 M


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