Mirror’s Enigma through a Prism

Prism has a free to join in-world group and at the back of the store, some of the old group gifts have been put out. All you need is your group tag.

January’s group gft was the Rosalia outfit which includes mest pants (in 5 sizes), top & shrug (both on system clothing layers).

Prism - Rosalia

Skin | Mirror’s Enigma | Lyla Light Skintone (Smoky w/CL)   45l$
Hair | *Alice Project* | Mina
Clothes | Prism | Rosalia    0L$  group gift
Boots | ::Duh!:: | Ruined Workboot
Makeup | Sn@tch | After Hours Makeup (Harlot-T)     175L$  (pack of 10)
Ring | Sn@tch | Fleur De Lit Ring   0L$ @ World Goth Fair booth
Bracelets by Loulou & Co for  Diamond is Mine Hunt 3  *no longer available*

The Yvette outfit was Febraury’s group gift.

Prism - Yvette

Mirror’s Enigma has a group gift out as well for May. It’s 45 L$ for non-group members, but if you wear the ME group tag the L$ are refunded. There are 3 different makeup options — smoky, blush & purple.

ME - Layla

Also in the skin department, Izara Zuta (owner of 7 Deadly s{K}ins) has released a skin & shape for 1L$ on marketplace.

7 Deadly s[K]ins

* Please note that I use preset windlights for my photos, so please look at the pics used for product advertising first!


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