Midnight Mania and More

Midnight Manias are, like Lucky Chairs/Boards, a great way to get things for free, but you need to lock them down by reaching the target. Just hit those boards to help someone else get what they want, even though you might not keep the stuff!

I got quite a haul of MM stuff… PinkMares House, Rotten Defiance, just to name two. Also, whilst putting together a notecard of some of the cheapie/freebie places, I picked up some stuff at Free Dove. Free Dove updated their haul of designer-donated items a few months ago as the previous haul was well out of date!!

Skin | *JeSyLiLO* | :::DIMH3Hunt:::*LightSkin*0L$ Diamond is Mine Hunt 3
Hair | Tameless | Mina – Ebony           0L$ @ FREE DOVE
Dress | Rotten Defiance | Needle in a Haystack      0L$ Midnight Mania
Stockings | Sn@tch | :::Fishnet Stockings:::  (part of the new fishing outfit) casual 7Seas fishing rod 100L$
Boots | ::Duh!:: | Ruined Workboot 25L$ @ Zombie Popcorn Brand
Tattoo | [HUZ] | Mythik – Fresh
Bracelets | .:* LOULOU&CO *:.  |  Bracelet :: DIMH :: 0L$ Diamond is Mine Hunt 3
Piercing 1 | [-iPoke-] | Espirita
Pose 1 | Juxtapose | Fierce 7
Pose 2 | Glitterati | 072

Sweater | *Latte* | Knit sweater-Light beige
Shorts | R.icielli | ELEANOR highwaist shorts
Tattoo | *Bleeding Pink* | Heart-Berry Tattoo ol$ Twist of Fruit hunt (Oct 2011)
Boots | Pinkmares House | Angel Whisper  ol$ Midnight Mania
Pose 1 | Glitterati | 072
Pose 2 | Magnifique Pose | Runway Model Pose 2

Ivey Deschanel (owner and awesome designer of Sn@tch) has put out a complete outfit at Free Dove.  It includes a silver bangle, a skirt and pair of shoes which are not shown in the picture below. If you love Sn@tch, but can’t afford the fatpacks (which are 250-275L$) or the fishing outings (300+ L$), then don’t worry… For 100L$ you can get a fishing rod from the 7Seas vendor and just start fishing for the parts of a complete outft (I will do a post on the current one soon! The fishing outfit also changes every 4 weeks, to come up to date join the subscriber group), and there is the Bargain Basement, where Ivey has put freebies and cheapies (separates and complete outfits).

Top | Sn@tch | :::Gelato Halter (Silver)::: 0L$ @ FREE DOVE
Pants | Sn@tch | :::Dutchess Leggings (Silver)::: 0L$ @ FREE DOVE
Boots | [Sassy Kitty Designs] | Sassy High Heels Damask Black
Pose 1 | Magnifique Pose | Runway Model Pose 2
Pose 2 | Clem Velinov | Mus


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