The Very Important Hunters Hunt part 1


Last month I tried to do the Twist of Fruit hunt but real life got in the way 😦 But today I managed to do this month’s Sour Pickles Hunt…. The Very Important Hunters Hunt or VIHH for short.

Starting point is Sour Pickles, and with 38 stores in this hunt, it is a short one! However, there are 3 adult stores in the hunt and as Emmi is not age verified, she couldn’t get those particular items.  You are looking for a red bow, and all items are 0L$.  For the full list of stores click here, and also on the Sour Pickles blog you can get a full list of the hints.

This post is about the non-fashion items:

#20 Grumble has this cute gnome as their giftie for VIHH.

#8 Little House of Curios has  a hallway furniture set.

#9 ThatChick has a full perm set of 10 textures. Please read the TOS notecard!!

#14 PRIME has a bed with separate bedside cabinet (which you can copy as many times as you like).

#17 The Muffin Shack has a cute potting shed/children’s clubhouse.

#18 Bees Heaven has this cute minbar which offers 64 different drinks!

#28 Pipper’s Place has this cute Ladybird (or Ladybug for those of you in the USA). Ths would make a great addition to any child’s bedroom.

#35 Dark Vision has this gothic Blood Garden & Blood Witch picture.

#36 The Happy Hat has the funky hat for both him and her. #37 Cheesy Poses has the Chill Pose (comes as both as a pose ball and animation).

#24 PDN has this Fabergesque egg.

#25 Crazy Cakes Toybox as this super cute bear.


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