Seasons Hunt 4 – Fall

The Fall (and final) edition of the Seasons Hunt finished 29th October, but some of the pumpkins may still be out. All the items were 0L$.

Hair | Raw House | Raquella – Light Brown 02
Dress | Ingenue | Bijou – Cranberry

Dress | Paper.Doll | Chloe
Hair | | Apple – Deep Red (mini fatpack)

Jacket |The Secret Store | Tangram Blazer/Cherry 2 (male version included)
Top | Kyoot | Laced Autumn Crop Top – Reflection 2
Shoes | Willow | Creek Moccasin (male version included)

All non-hunt Items
Skin | Dutch Touch | ::eEfje:: V2 ROSE – Basic CL2 EBBlond
Jeans | Allusions | Jeans   0L$
Shoes | Kookie | Enya – Dark Choc
Piercing| [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] | MORBID EXTRAVAGANZA Zombie Popcorn Hunt 5 (0l$)


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