Baby Monkey

I stalked the lucky boards and chairs at Baby Monkey last night and got some really nice goodies to show you.

One little skin store I didn’t know about until yesterday was Not Button’s. Apparently the store is closed for good on September 23, but you still have time to get some nice skins for free or 99L$. That was an offer I couldn’t miss so I tp’d over and got some ones, including a group gift. The group is free to join as well.

Boots | Baby Monkey | Mynx – Rose

Shoes | Baby Monkey |Middy Hi-Platform Wedge Pumps – Bronze

Shoes | Baby Monkey | Middy Lo-Platform Pumps – Lime

Shoes | Baby Monkey | Truffle Pumps – Blue

All other items

Skin | Not Button’s | Raya 5       *free*

Hair | [ploom] | Adria – Brick

Top | :[P]: | Automne-Autumn

Pants | :[P]: | Aeda Capri-Subscribo!

Tattoo | ::Para Designs:: | Summer Breeze Light (v2 Layer)

Belt | *Cobrahive* | P-Belt Spiked (black)

Piercing | .:*LOULOU&CO *:. | :: ADDICTION ::

Choker | .:TrOuBlEd ReBeL:. | Pinned Choker

Bracelets | Sn@tch | :::Leather Bangles:::      *free at the Cart Sale @ The Wash*


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