Hi, fellow bargain hunters!!! Due to rl job issues, I kind of went MIA for a while and now I am back to bring some of my favourite bargains from around the grid.

If you like the street/grunge look, then Ducknipple is one place to shop even if you are short on L$. There are not only bargains in the discount section, but there are some nice under-100L bargains in the store, you just need to look.

Also, my current flavour of the month skin is the Lindsay skin from Mamboo Chic (formerly I CEE COCO). They have a group gift out too. The particular Lindsay skin in the pics below was the lucky board prize.

All pics

Skin – (Mamboo Chic) | Lindsay_gift

Hair – Waka & Yuki | HAIR New 165 Type A

Tattoo – Para Designs | Summer Breeze Light

Bracelets & Piercing – LouLou & Co | ADDICTION

Necklace – Sn@tch | Monochrome Pearls | Black

Outfit – Ducknipple | Smartie | Orange              TOSL Hunt  0L$

Boots – Ducknipple | Snol | Black

Poses – Dollipops – Legitimately Luna

Outfit – Ducknipple | Carrot 3.0 Sweater (45L$) + Carrot 4.0 Skirt (75L$) + Shampoo Tights black (45L$)

Boots – Ducknipple | Snol | Black

Pose – Dollipops – Lookinatchu

Outfit – Ducknipple | Barks brown (55L$) + Rectum sweater black (25L$ | Discount Section)

Boots – INDI | O’Brian Boots | Brown


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