Pee Wee’s Big Awareness Hunt #1

Start Location: Superhero Epilepsy Combat Syndicate 

A hunt to raise awareness about Epilpesy! Each store has a notecard with a fact about Epilpesy! Epic prizes and educational too! \o/

Just A Pose (animation) & Atooly (Poses)

Gallus (Poses)

WDK (Poses)

CUDA (Watch)

N@N@ (Earrings & Necklace)

Kat’s Meow Costumes ( Pee Wee Avatar) & Canned Ice ( Toys)

Nestle My Bosom (Tattoo) & Psychotropia (Cardigan)

Sweet Treats

Steampunk Emporium & TazMania (Dragon toy)

FlufferNutterz (Pee Wee head toy)

Zeery (Hair accessory)

Bare Sensual (Skin)

KR Shape (Left) & saabmarine (Right)  (Shapes)

Bitch Tail (Neko Outfit ) & HerBerry (Makeup, Vest, Jeans & Dress)

One Stop Mall (Suit & Dress)

[R]etribution (Tshirt) & Schismphrenic (Tshirt)

Shiki (Dress), croire (makeup & leggings), Good Morning Monster (Tshirt)


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