Legit, Elemental, Mustard Creations, S.E.C.S, Foursquare and YQ for TUHS


Hair: Shaken not Stirred – Coco | Clawtooth | Bubbles Clawtooth ( Old 50L Friday item)
Shape: Personal one made by Sonatrix Dench
Skin: Arabell Skin | Apple May Designs  | Apple May (Pure Juice)
Eyes: Koi – Crazy For You | Umedama Holic | umetaro Mayo

Pic 1
Necklace: Spring Necklace | Legit | Misha Preiz (TUHS)

Pic 2
Bracelets: Bracelet 2, Lapislazuli & Gold | Elemental | Contessa Lacombe (TUHS)

Pic 3
Necklace: The Caydence Necklace | Mustard Creations | Sonatrix Dench (TUHS)

Pic 4
Glasses: My neighbor’s 3-D Porn Glasses | Superhero Epilpesy Combat Syndicate | Epileptic Dreddmor (TUHS)

Pic 5
Toy: MisFit Huggable Bear | Foursquare | Knakyia Dreamscape (TUHS)

Pic 6
Boots: Space Boots | #YQ# Avatar Appearance | Yasu Quar (TUHS)



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