Diamond Is Mine Hunt

The Diamond Is Mine Hunt 2 is on right on!!! Started March 14th and ends April 11th. Starting location is Sophistishapes.

I have selected just a few of the items to show you…. All the sparkling diamonds are 0L$!!

Poses – aDORKable – Carats 2 & Carats 1   (pack of 3)

Skin – Pink Fuel – Elly <Honey> Spotted Love     (pack of 3)

Hair (left) – D!va – Dia (garnet)    (pack of 4 colours)

Dress – Sassy Kitty Designs – Floral & Lace Silver

Boots – Duh! – Silk Floral Booties (mint)

Other Items – Hair (right) – Magika – Aina (mirrored) PCF Red     Pacific Crisis Fundraiser item 50L$ – 4 special red versions available

I will be posting a special feature on the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser at the weekend. The PCF is open till April 10th. So far L$1,082,255 has been raised!!! I hope you will be able to support this event even if if you just a donate a small amount, every little bit helps.


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