This little Pig was Free!!!

If you love handdrawn clothes then I have just the freebies for you…

Pig has some freebies & cheapies in store. Just need to look for the little white boxes with pigs on them. One is 66L$, another is 1L$ and the rest is 0L$!

D!va has a new group gift, just join the roup andwearing hte group tag click on the poster. Also there are new limited edition colours in the nearby Lucky Boards (letters changed every 5 minutes — will be blogged later).

Billy Wrap – Pig         66L$ Oh My Stars event

Helendale Azure bodysuit – Pig    1L$

Lazy Sweater – Pig          0L$

Sing Sing – Pig              0L$

Other Items

Skin – Sn@tch – Velvet Milk Dramatic Merlot

Hair – D!va – Mai (onyx)     group gift 0L$

Pants – TuttiFrutti – Peace & Love        0L$

Clogs – The Vinyl Cafe – Boho Clogs      50L$

Shoes – Sn@tch – Baby Janes Stripes   lucky chair item

Poses – LAP – M-Cool Guy, M-DoobieDoo ; DieselWorks – Diva 18


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