30L Saturday – Feb 26th

37 Gorean stores, each with one or more items all for 30L today only! Enjoy!

Whatz – Forbidden Delights

sonToria –  Snatched

On A Lark –  Trident

Atiyas –  Mastah & mi

White Noise –  Black Cat Bones

Torvis Gorean Weapons –   Una and Luas

Savage –    Violet Lotus

Riverdog Trading Company & Sciarri’s –   Moonlight Shadow

Cynful Designs –    Carson’s Corner

Voltai –  Aphrodite Shop

May’s Soul –   Damned

Kajira-kajirae –    Trashy Designs

SIlken Desires –     Adoration home

Southern Charm –   Cherokee Rose

Soul Effects –   Lady Soul

PeKas –   Timeless Textures

Mackenzie Designs –    IMDesigns

Juicee –   D&T Designs

Swords & Sahara Designs –    United InshCon


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