Hump Day Happiness 2/23/11

It’s Wednesday again and guess what that means! Hump Day Happiness. Never fret those midweek blues because there are deals to be had, everything you’re about to see is only 69L. And we definitely got some good swag to show you this week.

First up is RFyre with a Chainmail Mens Outfit –

Damn, Chains never looked so good.

And Studio Sidhe has this cute posing prop for your next SL concert –


Then, A-BOMB brings us these super cute shoes. And they are color change too! –

Let's see, Green on Monday, Pink on Tuesday, Green again on Wednesday...

Adore&Abhor has a snuggly sweater. –

Now I have something to wear on that virtual skitrip I was thinking about.

A.D.D. Andel is giving us this really really awesome Fall skybox. You have to see this! –

Sooooo pretty!

Rezlpsa Loc has a great Yoga Outfit. –

Who wouldn't wanna see a cute avie do a downward dog in this?

And what’s a yoga outfit without some yoga poses. Estetica has those for us this week! –

Namaste Estetica!

Lolapop has some cute Chastity earrings. –

For those of us who wanna keep our SL Innocence. :)

GL Designs has these super stylish Babydoll dresses in three different styles! –

I'm totally going to get these right after this post.

And last, but certainly not least. Treehouse Treasures has this great posing prop for your garden. –

Thank goodness there's no real pollen in SL.

And that’s that! So get shopping!


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