The Wash cart sale and The Dressing Rooms

The Wash is currently having its bi-annual cart sale, which ends 9th March, so you still have time to check the goodies on offer. However, it can get laggy. All the items that I have selected to show you cost me 10L$ each… My first stop at the cart sale was Hellbop

Cora capris + Mae sweater

Another stop was Beatnik

Winter Sweater (green) + Multicolor pants

Also this weekend, I checked out The Dressing Room and TDR Blue collections. From TDR I got the Fishy Strawberry valentine outfit which I paired with a pair of tights which are a group gift from Latte.

And from TDR Blue’s 19th collection Kunglers’ Indigo dress…

Other items

Skin – Heartsick – Yumi : Reverie : Meadowsweet     10L$

Hair – Clawtooth – Call The Lions (dreamy red)

Tights – Latte – Lacy (black)      0L$ group gift

Boots – Baby Monkey – Grace Stearling (black)    150L$


pic 1 = Bellballs – Tribal 001 Little Indian ; criore – don’t catch me looking

pic 2 = criore – don’t catch me looking + i used to be a ballerina

pic 3 = Bellballs – Awkwardly Awake 001 Insomnia + Im a little sex kitten 002

pic 4 = Hopscotch – Scenes de Ballet 11 + 13


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