Lazy Sunday 2/20/11

Hiiii everyone! I’m Sona and I’m going to be bringing you Lazy Sunday every week, which kinda means that my Sunday’s aren’t that lazy, but that’s ok! It’s worth it. This is my first time blogging something like this, so excuse some of the weird angles on the pictures, besides I did them at like 5am so I’m excused.

It’s a long list this week… so I better get started…

First up are these tops from Absolution 75L a peice. –







Cuddle Bench from Scusi, I didn’t have anyone to cuddle with at that hour *sad face* –









Bedazzled Dresses from Havana Nights







Mirbelle Room Accents from What Next (Lamps, Rugs, and Window Shades Ohmai!) –











Olga skins and shape from Natural Beauty







Loooots of poses from Still Life (45L a pack!) –







And more poses from !Bang (I love poses) –









And even more poses from Embody!







Cute Dramatic Star tops from Somnia

(P.S. Check out Sanura’s new Scratch n’ Win system while you’re there.)






Lauren Tee from Paper.Doll













Claire dresses from Jazumi








Gnome Backpack and Decor from Bellies (I loooooooove this store.) –








So many things from Estetica! (House, poses, desk… kitchen sink…) –










A whole outfit from Sweet Leonard; Skirt, Boots, and tops (Sold seperately) –

(P.S. I love their Gatcha machines, you should definitely check them out!)






My Beauty Essentials from Dead Carrot (Eye liner, blush, and peircing on Tattoo Layer)-










Color Peircing from Ey:No









Drop Earrings from Carolines Jewelry (75L for a pack, or 75L for all of them? Hmm easy choice) –









Rip Dress from Silenced










Murky Eyes from Croire

And that’s all for this week folks, see ya later!


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