lil big somapop hunt

Somapop is having a lil hunt on their sim \o/ There are 27 pink hunt items in the shape of the initials SP hidden all over the sim, even on the mountains lol There are prizes from snowpaw-fashions, kretch-up!, KKPP-shop, zhuzhu, pompompom, embody shapes & poses, !fineartretail, somapop, diapop, ETHOS (does not have an store, created as hobby), Static Beauty and cute bytes. Hunt items are numbered, but it doesn’t matter the order that you find them because they don’t have next store landmarks in!

Hair worn in all is from Brit called Aina/Chocolate.

#1 o -lela skin natural smog by Somapop
#2 **cute bytes** Puppet Keyboard – Jolly2 by Cute Bytes  (appears when you type, includes typing animation!)
#3 Kawaii Dress by Kretch Up
#4 Anime Dress tangerine by Snowpaws

#5  Pose Pack F EMO by Embody

#6 flower hat whit moon by ETHOS
#7 Stars on Cheeks by **KKPP**

#8 PictureArt~Kiss~ by !FineArtReTail

#9 Headband by * ZhuZhu Garden

#10 Pyjama Girl by PomPomPom

#11 Blood & symbols by **KKPP**
#12 Sport Plaster by **KKPP**
#13 Plasters_Pink by **KKPP**

#14 fake leather snake belt by Diapop

#15 white ramones sweater by Somapop
#16 xtreme csy sweater & long scarf drk by Somapop

#17 long v neck tops by Somapop

#18 blue capri & red capri by Somapop (see pic #10)
#19 cutted jeans by Somapop (see pic #10 & #11)
#20 blk jeans by Somapop
#21 punkrocker jacket by Somapop

#22 as I am ring by Diapop
#23 notice me strapless tui by Diapop (left)
#24 notice me ring by Diapop
#25 as I am – black tee by Diapop

#26 poses by Static Beauty

#27 Daisy Daisy skin by Static Beauty


other poses from don’t freak out and dismorph


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